Pesto alla Genovese, Pistou or just Pesto?

I made pesto this way for years without using any recipe but just my taste for it.Now, we the magic of the Internet we are able to find a good definition or a history of the item we are making.

According to the websites I visited, Pesto alla Genovese or simple Pesto have pine nuts. And Pistou, the French version, is basically made with basil, garlic and olive oil. Some modern versions add Parmesan cheese.

Whatever you call it, this is the Pesto I made from my basil plant in a pot.

I haven't measure the ingredients. I usually go by the taste... not too strong... not too light. The basic ones are basil, garlic, olive oil and roasted walnuts. I usually leave the Parmesan cheese or use vegan Parmesan. Everything goes to the food processor and ready!

I bought this basil plant a few weeks ago. It looked gorgeous!

Basil plant
 This is a good way to keep a bunch of basil in the refrigerator covered it with a plastic bag:

As you might know, if you cut the leaves they will grow again. The only problem is that basil is an herb from hot countries. It will die close to wintertime. So now is the time to take advantage of nice big leaves and make pesto!

I cut almost all the leaves from my basil plant to make pesto and got a big colander full of leaves:
Basil leaves
It was enough to make pesto for 5 servings. This is just a sample:

Pesto alla Genovese