Orange marmalade

This marmalade original recipe is from the time I was still a vegetarian. Since I became plant-based vegan, I don't have honey anymore. So I can now make it using coconut sugar or maple syrup with no strong flavor.

Healthy and easy this marmalade is yummy! It has no additives or preservatives... just oranges and honey.

The only trouble is to peel the orange and cut it in small pieces. 

There is not comparison to the ones made by manufacturers.

Here we go...

Peel a couple of oranges discarding the white part and seeds (if they have). Cut everything in small pieces. Weight this. Add half of the weight of coconut sugar.

Cook at low heat for about half an hour or a bit more depending on the consistency (density).

Voila! In only half an hour you will have a natural homemade marmalade!

Orange marmalade
Orange marmalade
Note: This marmalade is natural. It has no additives or conservatives so it won't last long.