Welcome to Rustic Fare!

Why Rustic Fare? Because I cook simple and unsophisticated, especially when making bread.

Being the principal source of food, bread has been made even before Egyptian times. Loaves of bread were found in tombs. Two kinds of bread are mentioned in the Bible: unleavened and leavened.

I started my vegetarian journey more than twenty years ago making bread. I made whole wheat bread that was unusual for people around me. It was a new bread  for me, dark, heavy and nutritious! It is simple using only three ingredients: whole wheat flour, water and yeast. The bread I make is also rustic and dark almost the same as ancient times. 
Over the years, I learned how to make it even more nutritious adding wheat bran, oat bran and flaxseed.

My first intent when I made a small one:
This is similar to the regular whole wheat bread with more fiber using oat bran and a load of natural omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed ground added to it.  
I used golden flaxseed this time:   
The original recipe is called Oat Bran Broom Bread meaning that cleans your digestive system. 

Garlic bread with flaxseed added:
Even when bread has some additions, I always make it whole. This is a whole-wheat cheddar and chives bread:
And spinach bread:
These are spinach-feta cheese pockets:
They are filled with spinach, garlic powder, onion flakes and a bit of feta cheese. 

I also follow the Mediterranean Diet, which is more than a diet but a style. And my style is even healthier because I don't eat meat. It consists in lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, olive oil, garlic and all natural ingredients full of nutrients.  

Here is a good example of it:
Also, I don't forget the physical activity and enjoying time with friends!